Content Marketing

Steps Toward Developing A Content Strategy

The content strategy for any brand must solidify their position both among competitors and uneducated clients. People need to know what you offer, the benefits of what you offer, and how your benefits are more valuable than your competitor’s offerings.

“It’s not about you. It’s about what you can do for others.” – ProUpdater

Step #1: Create a simple 3 column table and prioritize the offerings and benefits of your top 2 competitors. Now, put your offerings and benefits along side theirs. What you’re looking for is what stands out in relation to your competitors that you can easily offer that is of higher quality than their main benefit. This simple matrix makes it easy to see what you stand for in the marketplace. It’s the beginning of your content strategy.

Step #2: Now that you’re zeroing in on your unique strengths, you want to create a messaging campaign that communicates those strengths to the buyer who has never heard of you before. How will they know what you stand for? How will they know how your offering benefits them? That’s the point of your content strategy. It’s education for potential buyers.

Step #3: Relax. Content strategy is a long-term communication practice. In business, we all want to be as professional as possible, but we should not be overly busy that we cannot consistently update the basic communication needs of our brand.


I often see brands posting “feel-good” posts that are social, but ultimately don’t educate or communicate anything about your specific brand. The main reason for this is a lack of planning and a lack of strategy. Don’t simply create content for content’s sake. That will lead to people tuning out and not caring about your brand. Have a clear brand positioning strategy with a communication plan that dovetails with that position. You can do this!